USWP Volunteer Mounted Patrol  

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      Please Note: USWP Volunteer Mounted Patrol is now the U.S. Rangers Mounted Patrol a chapter based nation-wide volunteer organization.  Please visit our new web site @  

The US Rangers is sponsored by the U.S. Water Patrol

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The USWP Mounted Patrol Team was Formed in the Summer of 2010, as a tool to assist the United States Water Patrol in Homeland Security Support and aid in Public Safety missions on land. 
 Currently there are 8 active members supporting Homeland Security Support, Public Safety and Search and Rescue activities.
The Mounted Patrol Team is instrumental in Homeland Security Support, Search & Rescue and spends many hours training at their facility.
 Most volunteer members provide their own horse, trailer, equipment and uniform while depending on donations to keep functioning.
The USWP Mounted Patrol Team is a non-profit, non-political, and publicly supported, all volunteer organization trained in emergency response and can deploy before,during and after any natural and /or man made disaster. 


                           Special Thanks

11th CAVALRY LEMC/MC AMERICA for sponsoring our Mounted Patrol team #2
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